Sunday, July 01, 2007

Knitting Old and New

This wonderful, graphic photo was in the paper last week. I don't recall the photographer. The repetition of the chairs reminds me of the repetition of the stitches in knitting. There she sits, knit, knit, knitting, alone in a sea of two-tone chairs.

Saw this old photograph on a poster on the streets of Cardiff, Wales. I have to assume that the ladies were made to wear those silly hats as those stove pipe toppers would be difficult to wear while spinning and dyeing!

While sitting in the back seat, watching the green pastures and city buildings roll by, I quietly sat there clicking my needles. Chris, in the front seat, told me later he was comforted by the click, click of the needles, like meditation with sticks.

I now have 2 wrist warmers, a hat and this neck warmer out of my yarn, Waltz, a luxurious alpaca/wool blend. Let me know if you'd like the free patterns.

Cathy modeling the wrist warmers.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful! I love the color and can't wait to come over to the farm and feel the yarn. I finished the felted purse I made with the springy yarn I bought from you at the sheep and wool festival in Howard County and get complements on your gorgeous colorways every day. I'd love the patterns for this set! Thanks.

Unknown said...

the pattern is on It's the voodoo wrist warmer pattern. Happy knitting!

Susierose said...

Your set, Hat, Hand warmer, and neck warmer are just beautiful. Very nice. I would love to have the patterns for the set. My name is Susan and my email is:

Thanks so much