Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Big Shot and Mabel

I really did miss my chickens. That may seem weird but I like going out in the morning to feed them and as soon as I open the door, they come running in to see what I have for them. Gladys is especially friendly, and Molly is very shy, always in the back. And Big Shot is, well, loud. They cackle, cluck, chatter, chortle and prattle and make me smile. And they lay beautiful eggs.

I had forgotten about the rooster crowing at day break. Our first night home, I heard "errrr errrr errrr errrrrr" at 4:30 a.m. and awoke wondering where I was. Then I remembered Big Shot and his 'Purple Haze' sound of crowing. He's the only rooster I've had that sounds like the intro to Jimi Hendrix' song, 'Purple Haze'. We want to record it and do a remix of the song.

While in Robin Hood Bay, England, Garrett bought this wonderful old book of poems written by Walter De La Mare in 1913. (He was going to draw in the book until he started reading the poems and now he can't bear to.) The book is entitled 'Peacock Pie' and I was captivated by the poem 'Chicken.'
Clapping her platter stood plump Bess,
And all across the green
Came scampering in, on wing and claw,
Chicken fat and lean.
Dorking, Spaniard, Cochin, China,
Bantams sleek and small,
Like feathers blowing in a great wind,
They came at Bessie's call.

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