Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Goodbye England!

The last five months have been an amazing experience. I will miss England, but am ready to go back to the farm. I'll especially miss having my bike be the primary mode of transportation. To just hop on the bike and dash to the market for some fresh, grainy bread is a treat. Back in Barnesville we are slaves to the car. Even though our local market and grocery store is close enough to bike (6 miles), most of us choose to drive. Granted, we don't have the bike paths that are so prevalant here in Cambridge and beyond. When we did need a car for our weekend sojourns, it felt strange. We did get used to driving and riding on the left. I just hope we remember to drive on the right back home!
I started my last day here walking around the college grounds, finding a bench to sit and read. Above is the view behind our flat.

This is the view from the bench, a peaceful retreat.

There are several large green spaces right in the middle of Cambridge. They have paths, the river, ponds and cows. Farmers lease the land for grazing. There are cattle guards on all the paths so the cattle can't make an escape into traffic. We sat at the pub (pictured behind the cows) and felt like we were right in the country.

Also seen in the park, colorful graffiti.

We rode out to our favorite village, Grantchester. On the way back, right on the trail, these two adorable girls were selling still warm flapjacks (only 25p!), a crazy delicious delight.

Another storefront window.

I brought over my leftover art paper and pastels and Josephine and Leopold started in on a masterpiece.

Goodbye to Clemens and Gaby, our dear friends in Cambridge. We have enjoyed many wonderful times with them. Thanks for everything guys!

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