Monday, July 09, 2007

Party On!

George (Gay-orge) threw a bash Saturday night. He's a PHD student where Houston works and this was his 'I'm Done, I'm Leaving and Let's Celebrate' party. His quote on Saturday night, "Anyone can go away on holiday, but I wanted to spend £600 on a party!!!" WOW!
I called this the 'Sideways Party' because his place was so narrow that we had to move around sideways, both inside and out. Even the bathroom was so tiny, I had to scoot sideways. In spite of the size of his flat and garden, the party was a huge success. George definitely fusses on the details. There were gorgeous flower arrangements, one was precariously set on the narrow stairs and somehow no one knocked it over.

He had kabobs, salad after salad, fruit, figs, tarts, crescents, and an endless supply of beer and wine. A jazz musician started out the evening's entertainment, then a pianist played for a few hours.

The grill was hard to get started and at one time George's friend was using a hair dryer to ignite the coals.

When it became too dark to see, he put tea candles on the grill, brilliant idea until they started on fire.
The evening was so pleasant though and the company so interesting, that we all had a great time. There were very few Brits at the party. I talked to people from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Crete and many more that I couldn't place the accent.

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