Monday, July 16, 2007

Party On!

The first night back we hosted our Sunset Party. Neighbors drop by with food and wine and we catch up on what's happening in our lives and lives around the world. Great fun! The sunset that night was fabulous, it went on and on displaying it's myriad of beautiful colors into the night. Then the fireflies took over as the light show. It's great to be back with old friends and the comfort of the farm.

Saturday night Tina and Jim had our welcome home party. They also hosted our going away party in February. I'm not sure what the whoosh is, but it brought good party vibes!

This looks like a carousel ride whirring around, but it's just my shaky hand.

This is Tina and Jim's porch where I spent most of the evening. It's an outdoor living room and very charming and cozy.

Looking from the back porch to Tina's studio. It's an old log cabin that has been relocated onto their property. Tina does her magical paintings in there and is part of our Countryside Artisans Studio Tour.

I gave this key holder to Seal and also got one for myself. "I only have this kitchen because it came with the house!" We both hate to cook.

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