Sunday, July 08, 2007

Studio Touring

Today was the first day of Cambridge Open Studios, an art studio tour that takes place every weekend in July. There are 250 artists involved and about 160 studios. I had my route planned, the map highlighted and notes written about the artists. I made it to 21 studios which I thought was pretty good considering I was pedaling like mad between the stops. Biking around the studios was the way to go though as parking is very limited.
Above is an artist who splashes on color. I loved her floor, as colorful as her canvasses.

As well as looking at wonderful artwork, I saw many vignettes in the studios that will make future paintings. I am really inspired to do more 'splashing' myself.

Studio Window

Sculpture in the Garden

This space was a garage until a couple months ago. It's now a beautiful, light-filled photography studio.

One of my favorite summer flowers is now in full bloom, the playful hollyhocks.

One of the artists owns this vintage triumph.

This photo looks all pixilated but it's actually the textured window.

Ann, the felt artist, bought all my leftover roving. Yeah! I won't have to haul it back. I used most of it up, but had about 4 lbs. left. She was quite happy to get some colorful bits.

I went to Richard Heep's studio twice, once alone and once with Houston. I thought Houston would be as captured by his photos as I was. We ended up buying his new coffee table book, 'Man's Ruin'.

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