Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Camouflaged in Paisley

I went to the monthly Spinning Tales gathering Monday morning, my first in many, many months. We were celebrating Lizou's retirement from work at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. She was a textile curator and restorer for years at the museum. Congratulations Lizou! She has shared her knowledge of textiles from all over the world, especially South American textiles. That's Lizou hidden in her paisley covered papasan chair. Apparently she got a fabulous bargain on 12 yards of burgundy paisley fabric and has made a shirt, a skirt, curtains, a chair covering and still has yards left. Appropriately her farm is called "Paisley Fields."

Everyone brought incredible food for lunch. A few of the members are trying the 'Buy Everything Local' movement (except coffee, tea and rice) so most all the food came from farmer's markets or personal gardens. I love the summer bounty.

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