Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mystical and Magical and some Poo

Avebury is the site of amazing circles of standing stones built around 2500 BC for ritual or religious functions. Sheep placidly graze nearby, using the stones for scratching posts. It was very peaceful and tranquil except for the grating American students screaming "OHMYGOD! There's SHEEP POOP everywhere!!! OHMYGOD! I STEPPED in it! OHMYGOD! ICK!
On a quieter note, there are a couple shops in town selling healing crystals, crop circle cards and books, Celtic jewelry and other mystical objects. Chris found the Irish sweater of his dreams and was one happy Aran lover. While walking through the village I saw two women dressed in long purple skirts, flowing gossamer tops, plenty of bangles and smelling like patchouli. They were definitely here for the magical experience of the stones.

The houses of Avebury had these stones right in their back yards.

I stood under these ancient trees awhile and was mesmerized by their intricate root system.


Stephanie said...

As always, beautiul pictures, Dalis. This post reminded me of the Outlander books. Have you read any of those? I suspect you'd like the series.

Unknown said...

Stephanie, are they the ones about a guy who goes back in time?