Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall is Here, Sort of.

The temperatures are a bit cooler, a welcome relief after the July weather we've been having. This is the view across the road from us. I walk out to get the paper early (sometimes even in the dark) and get to rest my eyes on this view every day. I love the mist in the lowland blanketing the fields in a soft veil.

When my husband, Houston, doesn't leave enough time in the morning to walk to the train station just down the hill from us, I drive him down. This is the farm across from the station. The corn is nearly 9 feet tall and has turned an amber color, ready to be harvested. It caught the morning light and I'm sorry the picture does not do the scene justice. I sat for a bit and just drank it all in.

And there's the Marc train, whisking working folks off to their jobs in the city.


Artfulscribe said...

Beautiful pictures of our beautiful state! I commute into the city on the same Marc train, but from much farther south. Maybe your husband would consider becoming a yarn courier for those of us a little farther down the line :)

I'd heard about your fiber/yarn from someone on the Ravelry site, and I finally got to see your things at Stitches East (I agree with you, the convention center setting leaves much to be desired, and as a spinner, there was a dearth of actual raw fiber. So disappointing).

Looking forward to possibly stopping by today for your studio tour!

Unknown said...

My husband would be happy to be a yarn pimp! Just let me know if there's anything you want. Dalis