Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just Riding By

While up in Cumberland last weekend I went on my first group road bike ride. The guys were talking about pace lines and dropping back or passing on the left and don't do anything really sudden or the rider behind me might wreck. Yeah, like a rider might be behind me! These guys (and a couple girls) were skinny, willowy, sinewy, hard bodied and what I could tell, could ride like the wind. Plus they had skinny little tires on their bikes and I had big old fat, mud grabbing mountain bike tires. But I pedaled like a big girl and they only had to wait a few minutes for me at one of the turns. After lunch all 9 of the others went on to be their basic macho selves and I decided to go back so I could meander through the countryside and stop to take photos. I really got to see the views, smell the roses and set my own 'pace'. Above is my dream barn on my dream farm. The house was set back off the road, surrounded by large old trees with Will's Mountain as a green giant backdrop.

The corn has been cut and the first colors of autumn have begun.

This sign is aptly named. I had a pleasant valley ride. But I couldn't figure out the floating cow head.

In the little village of Hyndman, I saw this amazing old relic. It was obviously a beauty in its day, but like many of us, it is slowly fading into the sunset.

The beautiful scroll work in this gingerbread trim is a tribute to the craftsmanship of these carpenters.

I'm nearly home now, crossing the Narrows bridge. I love this bridge, with its rusty iron trestles and how it frames the just beginning changing colors of the trees on 'Lover's Leap'.

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