Friday, October 26, 2007

Gourds, Squash and Pumpkins

Spring is still my favorite time of year, but autumn is running a close second. We do have the most beautiful falls here. This year it's been rather hot and dry so I didn't think the colors would be that great. But somehow the leaves did their magic and have left the trees aglow in color. An autumn tradition has been getting my pumpkins and gourds from David Heissler's cute country pumpkin place in Comus at the foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain. He raises heirloom and heritage pumpkins and gourds on the fields surrounding the mountain. Some are known for their succulent and sweet insides and David really knows his varieties. He'll tell you which ones are good for a side dish, which make the most delicious soups, which are the best for pumpkin pies. It's the most charming squash market around and a visit there always makes me smile and puts me in an autumnal mood.

The traditional pumpkin in all shapes and sizes.

I wish I knew all the names of these varieties. I'll have to do more research. But these are just lovely with their pale peachy color.

The dark green and orange squash are Lakota. I remember that variety because I grew up right near the Lakota Sioux reservation. I'm going to cook this one with butter and brown sugar sprinkled on top. Yumm!

We have friends from Alaska coming for Thanksgiving so will save many of these for our dinner. It's difficult to grow pumpkins in Alaska so I think they'll enjoy these.

This one is called 'Cinderella' because it resembles Cinderella's carriage. I'll slice this one up and cook it with butter and brown sugar sprinkled on top. Yumm!

And many more types that I'll cook with butter and brown sugar sprinkled on top. (I know, it's the only way I know to cook it except for some fabulous squash soup.)

Thanks David for working so hard to bring all these beautiful squash to market. I hope it brings him as much joy as it does to the hundreds of non-squash growers who buy them.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog, wonderful pumpkins. We had roast pumpkin in your honour this evening (without brown sugar you'll be shocked to learn).