Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Glitter, Weiners and One Little Gargoyle

This is our glittery tree in Cumberland, all fake and sparkly. It's sorta cartoony but I really love it. I already took down all the Christmas stuff in Barnesville so I wouldn't have to do it when we return. But it's nice to be greeted by the glam of this beauty.

and not so glittery... My husband, Houston, grew up in Cumberland and ate at Curtis' for years. It's a classic little dive in downtown Cumberland, serving Coney Island dogs loaded with a heap of onions and heartburn inducing chili. I don't do the dogs, but their shakes and fries are worth the fat.

The waitress comes to your booth, takes your order, then yells at the 'cooks' behind the counter, "SIX DOGS, FULL WORKS!" About two minutes later, she reappears with the six dogs and at least six more on paper plates balanced all the way up her left arm. In the old days, the weiners were called 'sweats' cuz the person who brought the dogs had large, hairy, sweaty arms. Yum, doesn't that sound tasty?!

Walking back home (burning 1/2 fry's worth of calories, even with all the hills) we passed one of my favorite houses in Cumberland, this gorgeous Gothic.

(can you find the gargoyle above?) Here's to a whole new year to fulfill your dreams, reach for a star and do one more thing to make this world a better place. Happy 2009!

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