Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Solstice

On this shortest day of the year, I'm posting some pics from the last few weeks that reflect the holiday season. My two favorite days of the year are the summer and winter solstices. We are all so attuned to light, whether we know it or not. December 21 marks the changing of light and the first day of winter, when the days will begin again to get longer. For some reason I relish these extra few minutes of light every day. June 21st is my all time favorite day of the year because it's the longest day and the beginning of summer. Above is a window display in Frederick, when some friends and I went to First Saturday. I thought it was a perfect display of wintery wonder.

This is looking out the back window of my studio during our holiday tour. The first 2 weeks of December are devoted to the tour. It was nice to see so many of you during the weekends.

Tasman and Casey are working dogs during the tour. They greet the customers and guide them to the door. This was my attempt to get them to pose for a cute photo. Trying to get two golden retrievers to pose, especially one who has the attention span of a gnat, is really hard. Here they are, not listening and not understanding that I want them to just sit and look adorable.

See any dogs? Nope, that's because they are over to the right wrestling, not sitting quietly by the nice winter display. Grrr!

OK. Here's the best we could do. They do look pretty stylish in their red bandanas though.

Ann and I went over to our friend, Judy's cabin last week. She had fallen the day before and hurt her feet badly. We took her to the urgent care center to have x-rays to see if one foot was broken. Thank goodness it wasn't. She insisted on taking us to lunch in Shepardstown. We chose a Mid-Eastern type place in an historic building with a charming storefront. There was red drapey material on the ceiling, imitating a tent, wonderful mid-Eastern music playing and was quite cozey. We had a great lunch, got Judy settled at a small table in the front with a pot of steamy hot tea and her foot up. Ann and I then walked up and down main street, hopping into stores that caught our attention with their cheery window displays. It even started snowing, adding to the holiday charm. We rescued Judy, drove back to her log cabin, turned on the Christmas lights, started a fire, made some tea and sat a spell, taking in all the holiday spirit of happiness with friends. Above is Judy's tree, alight in the eve.

and this is the same tree and I quickly walked by it.

She had a tiny tree, surrounded by her antique art supplies.

This is blurry but I love her inside window that used to be an outside window last year.

Cheyenne sitting by the tree, enjoying the lights.

For over 20 years, our group of friends out here have had a progressive dinner party that we call 'Eat & Run'. We all start out for nibbles at one house, split up to 3 different houses for a sit down dinner, then come together again for dessert and gift exchange at another's home. It's a holiday tradition and this year 32 people showed up. Above is my dinner table.

Julie showed up with these awesome shoes. She kicks butt!

And this is Tina's charming holiday display in her kitchen. I love this time of year as we take time to enjoy each other's company, reminisce on Christmases past, and look forward to more light and a new year ahead. Happy Holidays!

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