Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holly Days!

I'm tucked away in my cozy home, fire blazing, drinking cappuccino, Cheyenne (who survived the blizzard of 2009 outdoors) sitting by my side, Houston playing with his new TV (how do I say TOO BIG!), listening to Christmas tunes, my three boys home, a snow covered landscape outdside, everyone happy and healthy... life is good. Here's hoping you are spending the day with friends and family, enjoying the holiday season and eating too many cookies. Oh Happy Day!


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LemonyRenee' said...

Merry Christmas, Dalis!

Hey, do you realize the Anthropologie by White Flint is moving this January?? Not sure whether you did, but if not, thought I'd give you a heads up. (They're moving to Chevy Chase . . . for my purposes, they may as well be moving to Miami!)

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

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