Friday, December 11, 2009

Out to the Amish Farm

It was a clear, crisp day that we went to visit Jeri and Terry in rural Pennsylvania, not far from Cumberland. They bought this Amish farm a couple years ago and are in the process of bringing it up to its former glory.

We arrived late in the day, but with enough light to take a walk around the property.

Neighboring Amish men still farm the fields, making hay in the summer, planting soybeans and corn, but now the fields are at rest for the winter.

This lovely structure is the corn crib. Terry has a special sitting area in the house where he can see the old wooden building from a window. The wood has weathered to a beautiful golden hue.

These are roofing tiles that will go on the barn when they begin the barn renovation next year.

As the light began to fade, we walked up the hill and the sky turned that amazing yellow, pink and blue of winter skies.

The day we visited was opening day of hunting season. Jessie and Lucy, the two dogs who own Jerri and Terry, wore their bright orange 'I'm Not a Deer' coats. Briefly, we saw them standing still, but usually...

...this is all we saw of them, an orange and black blur.

The house was originally made of logs and still has some of the logs as the base structure. They had to take most of the house down, but were determined to save the logs.

It is now an arts and crafts style farm house and is finished with such perfect craftsmanship. An expert stone mason built the foundation, outside pillars, an amazing curved stone retaining wall near the driveway, and a 20' fireplace.

It's no surprise that their home is filled with art, mostly by local artists. Jeri owns a gallery in Cumberland and has featured many artists over the years, including ...

her sister, Katy. Katy does assemblage, creating art from found objects.

The cozy dining room, all set for our dinner.

Terry is a master woodworker and makes exquisite furniture and wall pieces out of exotic and domestic wood. This is the media cabinet.

This large (about 6' x 3') is a print done on canvas by our friend, Dave Romero. Absolutely stunning.

Every year Jeri and Terry will rehab an outbuilding. Next year it will be this barn's turn. T & J will pay for all the supplies and the Amish will do the work, in exchange for using the outbuildings for hay and storage. Good deal.
Thanks T & J for a lovely evening in your delightful home. I can't wait to come back again.

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