Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shopping, Cabin and Coffee

Another trip to Judy's cabin in the woods. Ann and I took a little road trip near Antietam Battlefield to spend the day and night with Judy. Girl stuff. Went shopping in Shepherdstown, (gallery, clothing store, coffee, wine shop), Boonsboro (gallery, bookstore), Sharpsburg (Mennonite market - sticky buns, cheese bread, farmer's cheese, cookies) then back to Judy's for chicken soup and a cozy eve drinking wine and listening to the snaps and pops of the fire.

We arranged her front porch with a yuletide display, featuring her birdhouses and darling covered bridge. Even the cheery red vise fits in.

Speaking of red, this is the bathroom in Beans in the Belfry, the coffee shop/cafe/knitting place that we stopped in on the way to Judy's.

The espresso machine is located in the altar area, churning out cappuccinos. These folks are not afraid of color, as witnessed by the bright green walls and purple ceiling.

Our knitting group meets here once a month. It used to be a church (obviously) but now we pray to the coffee gods.

A massive Christmas tree is set up in the middle of the room, with tables, chairs and couches surrounding it.

The drinks are displayed in an old iron bathtub, filled with ice. They also sell other necessities besides java, like Burt's Bees stuff.

But we did come here to knit (and get buzzed up). Linda is working on the other one of these handwarmers, knit out of my Bee Bop yarn.