Thursday, February 11, 2010


While we were in the big dig out of 2010 today, Casey enjoyed rolling in the snow. I'm sorta loving all this blizzard stuff . I really haven't been off the property for 6 days (except to pick up my son 5 miles away and that took some mad driving skills!).

Happy, happy dog!

I made a real rookie mistake though. After digging the path (again!) to the chickens last night, I left the snow shovel out by the barn, which is the opposite of my back door to the house where I really needed it. After all the wind and snow, we had 5' drifts exactly in the path to the barn.

This was yesterday, just a mere 20" on top of our previous 32" that pummeled us Saturday. This was looking out my sunroom window. It was kick ass blowing all day and night. It reminded me of my South Dakota, growing-up-on-the-prairie days when the wind blew and blew and blew. We had snow from October to April (the official day to get the ice houses off the river was April 15th!). We would make snow forts that we could that had different rooms that we could stand up in. We hauled our sleds up on to the roof of our house and careened down, which was really easy as the snow drifts buried our house. So this little storm is just like the olden days.

And then I read in the paper where 20" of snow on the roof is like having an African elephant hanging out on the rooftop. I grabbed my shovel, crawled out the window and shoveled that elephant right off the roof!

What makes this storm so easy to bear is that we have had electricity throughout the entire snowmegeddon. I LOVE electricity! I don't take it for granted and I love it when I flip a switch and a light comes on or when my food stays cold in the fridge, or that I can take a shower and do a load of laundry (although our dryer is broken, but no worries as we have our laundry hanging all over the house). You folks out there who have been without power for a week will not take your electricity for granted either. Life is just so much easier with power.

The day after snow-lamity. Looking out my sunroom window brought clear skies and white drifts.

Good-bye to another winter day. Just make the wind stop so I can sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Love the dog! What happiness. Also love the Little House on the Prairie upbringing.