Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the Road

Rice Arkansas...who knew?! Miles and miles of rice fields on the flattest land I've ever seen.

Stopping in for an overnight at Ann's friends in Pine Bluff, AK. Ann and George were very gracious southern hosts, plying us with great southern cooking, including cheese grits and tomato aspic.

We heart Love's gas, especially when the empty light comes on.

Still in the snow in Tennessee.

We drove down this gravel road to Bucksnort Trout Ranch, mostly because of its name but also from a tip from Ann's nephew who said it was a great chance to catch trout and have the 'ranch hands' filet it and wrap it up for you. But alas, they were trout this time of year.

We had to stop at any yarn shop that just happened to be on the way, not too far off our route.

This happens to be one in Virginia (Fibersmyth) that carries Dancing Leaf Farm yarn. It's a great little shop, colorful and well stocked and for an added bonus it has a tea and scone place (Tea and Crumpet) in the next room over.

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