Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Garrett was snowed in for a couple days here on the farm and took these shots with his wide angle lens. (more) This is our stand of pines behind our house that used to act as a wind break but the wind broke most of the lower branches and now the drifts just pile up beyond them.

The big dig out.

The sheep were smart and stayed hunkered down in the barn throughout most of the storm. The venture out just a few feet from the barn. With their pointy, skinny legs, it's not easy walking in the 3' - 4' banks of snow.

I've been letting the chickens out of their coop as their chicken run is totally snowed over. They visit the sheep in the barn and I've even seen them lying between 2 sheep. They sneak out to the hay, make a cute little round nest and lay their eggs. The smartest thing I did the day before the storm was to have Jay, the hay guy deliver 75 bales of hay, hauled and stacked. He just made it into the field as the flurries started. I felt so secure having all that hay in the barn (like getting milk and bread in the house!)

As the snow starts melting, this is what is coming off the back barn roof. It's a metal roof and you can see the ridges from the roof in the snow. It's really windy here and this massive 'snow roof' is blowing towards the barn.

But inside, we're all warm and cozy.

Garrett took these pix up in Cumberland when he was snowed in there during the first storm.

Looking down our street.

...and our snow covered home in Cumberland

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