Tuesday, October 05, 2010

End of Summer

We bid good riddance to the summer with fresh margaritas. With way too many days of over 90 degrees, it was nice to say good bye to this summer. I even had to turn on our air conditioner a few days.

One good thing about summer is all the parties. And we like to party. Sunset parties, first tomato parties, too much zucchini parties, Fourth of July, full moon paddle parties, engagement parties,

sunflower parties, May Day, birthday parties, Solstice, Cinco de Mayo, and parties for no apparent reason.

Cherry and William put in a 1/2 acre wildflower meadow this spring and even with the drought, the garden did quite well.

I always grow lots and lots of zinias or clown flowers as we call them. This is one of the last bouquets of the year.

The chicks grew up to be fine hens this summer. They get to eat table scraps and anything from our pantry that bugs got into. They loved the Fruit Loops.

and rewarded us with these beautiful eggs.

Summers mean lots of bike riding. The back roads around Cumberland are perfect for biking.

I love this round outbuilding. I'm not sure what it's intended use is but I sure would love for more studio space.

We pass this interesting use of an old satellite dish. Toy houses are set up to form a little village, complete with trees and landscaping.

I attended a customer's birthday party,

where I gave a mosaic class. I brought a bin full of broken china, pottery and other colorful shards. They all picked out their favorites..

then smashed them to bits...

and made these fun pots. There was supposed to be a pretty tight schedule, but I could see that these women needed time to just talk while putting their shards on the pot. They all have small children and don't get together much without the kids. This was a time to just relax, and catch up with each others' live without interruptions. I thought of moving them a bit faster but what the hootie, it's better to just be in the moment than to keep to a schedule, even if the schedule included yoga. It was fun to hear the talk of children, sports and school since that was so 15 years ago for me. Time has a way of just moving on, way too fast for my liking. I can't believe that we have entered a new season but I'm welcoming it with open arms and a fleece jacket!

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LemonyRenee' said...

Me, too, Dalis. I just don't think we got the most out of this summer -- spent too much of it trying to stay out of the heat. Perhaps the winter will be mild in exchange.

What a great idea having you come out for a birthday party. Kinda a big-girl arts & crafts party -- all you needed was glitter-glue!

Happy Fall.