Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Go Autumn!

Autumn just keeps on giving! The temps are in the 70's making it quite delightful to leaf peek. While up in Cumberland, Seal and I took a drive to Spruce Village in Grantsville. It is a gathering of authentic log cabins, an old grist mill and a newly constructed Amish meeting house, all quaintly set in a grove of spruce trees.

Stanton's Mill, built in 1797, was the center of activity for nearly two centuries. It is again operational selling a variety of flour.

This newly constructed Amish museum house depicts how Amish lived in the mid 1800's.

Artisans occupy the buildings at Spruce Village, using the space as working studios. Crafts include an ironsmith, weaver, bird carver, potter, soap maker, wood worker and a visiting artist.

An iron gate crafted by the ironsmith.

We took back roads on the way home and had a picnic on Savage Mountain, near the wind turbines. There are perhaps a hundred or more of these whirring giants marching along the mountain ridge. I didn't find them too loud and quite enjoy watching the blades go round and round.

While pulling in to my alley back in Cumberland, I marveled at the maple tree in our back yard. It's the largest tree in our neighborhood and one of the reasons I wanted that particular house. Now I ust need to get back up there and rake the leaves!

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