Saturday, October 16, 2010

Play Hard Part 1

A couple weeks ago, right before my string of festivals, we had girl time in Chestertown. I busted butt so I could go along on this getaway. I don't want to miss any fun. And this is fun... boating, kayaking, drinking wine, eating shrimp, swimming, biking. It is so restorative and relaxing.

Penny took us out each evening on her party boat, skooting up to to the shores of Chestertown where the tall ship, the Sultana is docked.

These are posts holding a fishing net that is partially submerged in the water. Various shore birds sit on top waiting for the fish to come in.

Up and down the river are boat houses but I especially like the old ones with their rusted tin roofs and dilapidated docks.

Washington College crew team out for an early evening practice.

We took the kayaks out for a cross river trip, meandering in and out of the bays and inlets. Tina is telling us of "The Musuem of Innocence."

The water was like glass, making paddling a dream.

The grasses along the Chester River are in their fall glory.

Farms come right down to the water's edge.

We always walk through the shops of Chestertown. I liked this sign on the local coffeeshop.

The sunrises and sunsets on the river are spectacular. I wake early to get the first glimpses of the sun coming up over the horizon.

I got to experience the weekly antique auction in Crumpton. The main auction houses the best and most expensive antiques, where the dealers tend to hover and bring up the bids. On the right hand side, Amish folks sell their homemade baked goods, meats and cider.

Quirky vignettes cover every table.

I was totally smitten with these vintage paper dolls. I had to play a bit and rearranged the models. Shirley Temple! I wanted to see what these went for but we were outside when they came up for auction.

I've always liked these pachinko games.

Outside on the left, lesser quality antiques and junk are placed in neat rows, covering at least an acre. Bidding begins at $10. A large golf cart like vehicle slowly makes its way up and down the aisles, with the auctioneer yelling out his rapid fire numbers and a person quickly typing in the winning bid amounts.

My girlfriends are pondering a purchase of a chain saw but this Amish man steps in to advise and tells them don't bother.

As the sun set on our last evening there, I let out a deep breath and told myself how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and to enjoy another day in their company. Thanks girls!

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