Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sheep & Wool Fest Madness

Last weekend was my biggest show of the year. I've been doing Maryland Sheep & Wool Fest for at least 25 years now. Tami and I loaded up the trailer (Trapper helped... not!) and took off Friday to set up. Luckily I'm just an hour away, so I can come home each night and get more stuff.
 I have the festival folks put up a tent. It's professional, sturdy, weatherproof and best of all, it's set up when I get there. It's 20' x 15' and I always wonder how I'll fit everything in. And I always forget to take a photo of the finished booth.

But here it is on the corner of Main Gate Lane and Livestock Lane. Mine is the big tent on the left, filled with lots of color.
 The crowds descended early Saturday morning. The fest is supposed to start at 9:00 but when we got there at 8:00 and pulled the sides off the tent, my space was filled and it didn't let up all day. We weren't even able to get all the yarn up on the rack.

The parking lot is a massive field and it was filled up by 10:00 and there 
were backups from all directions. 

 On Sunday I was able to get out a bit and walk around. I always buy a broom from the broom maker.

 I made a point of visiting the Jacobs as I want to get another one. 
These are from the samefarm that I got Brambles 16 years ago.

 I think I'll soon have a little one in the field again. Can't resist those spots and horns!

 "Ladies, hey ladies!" 

 I do enjoy the sheep barn but I have to say it is REALLY loud in there! 

We unloaded the trailer and truck and barely got some of the yarn put back on the shelves. This is where it stay cuz I'm going backpacking in the Blue Ridge mountains. It's hard to leave this mess behind but I'll be refreshed and will tear into it when I get back. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who made this festival a success. I heart my customers!

and on the way home, we saw this beautiful double rainbow.
An awesome end to an awesome weekend.

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Katherine said...

Love the sheepies!