Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barn Raising

My brother-in-law, George, lives just a few houses down from me. A few weeks ago, his old barn got a much needed make over. Here is the before pic.

 His daughter and her friends graffitied the front a couple years back. The barn was a bit fally-downey and filled with nearly 30 years of stuff. George did a good job of cleaning it away, hauling load after load to the dump and leaving it all tidy for the Amish crew to come in an work their magic.

 This is our future boat house. Houston and I have 6 boats and George lets us house them in his garage. He built a spiffy new home for them in the back.
  A view from George's attic office.

 Last year George bought and had installed solar panels in his back field. We've had a sunny winter so his electricity has been near zero.

 A new cement floor is poured in what will become a real garage space
for his car.

 George saved the old doors. Artwork for the walls.

 Five of our boats, all tucked away in their new shelter.
 TaDa! What a difference! 

 He had 24 tons of millings dumped to spread out on the driveway. A great way to start the springtime.

 Oops! George caught me snooping around.

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