Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bonkers for Boas

My felting group met last week and I was fortunate to learn a different approach to the regular nuno felt scarves that I've been making. One of our members, Renate, has been experimenting with this technique and was gracious enough to share it with us, guiding us along the way.

I usually use shorter Merino wool fibers laying them down the center of the chiffon scarf. But in this process, long wool fibers are used. I had some Blue Faced Leicester wool and in the future I'll use the wool from my Cotswold sheep that has a staple length of about 5".

 This photos doesn't show it very well, but the silk chiffon scarf is down the center of the wool fibers. The wool is laid out perpendicular to the scarf, shooting out from the sides and ends with only about an inch of it to be felted into the scarf.

 The scarf is gently felted, leaving the long locks to barely felt and letting the definition
of the curls remain. This gives a flowy, ethereal effect.

 The scarf weighs only about 3 oz.

 In Grace's scarf, white wool was laid out on one side, black on the other, on a white scarf. I wish I had a photo of the finished scarf because it came out a lovely grey, with bits of white and black popping throughout.

Roz laid out a scarf similar to mine.
Paige and Roz modeling their lovely creations. Now let's go find the party!

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