Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sometimes We Spin

My spinning  eating group meets monthly. Sometimes we actually spin.

But usually we knit.

 We met at Marsha's this week which is always fun because her home is filled with ethnic items from all over the world. And the food is amazing.
I get an inquisitive look from Marsha's cat. Maybe I should try spinning some of his fur. Hmmmmm.

 We all bring a vegetarian dish to share. These folks are into grains, preferably locally milled grains, and the food they create is a usually Moroccan or African inspired. I can't say deeeelicious enough.

We used to live in Marsha's house (in fact she was our landlord but we didn't know her) and it's so nice to see her fixing the place up. She recently had a potting/wood shed built right out back. Our local village carpenter designed and built it using wood he milled and doors and windows he's collected from old buildings.

 It has a little shelf for potting plants with a nice view into the woods through the wiggly glass window.

 On the front porch is a little bird and pine cone vignette.
This is the view from the front porch. I would sit here when Aramin was 3 (he's almost 36 now!) and watch the cows graze. The cows are no longer there, but the view is still lovely.

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