Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Colorado Here We Come

Yay! On vacation in Colorado. Houston and I arrived at my brother Dan's house late Monday night. 
Tuesday we drove through Garden of the Gods (awesome!) to Manitou Springs.

On the drive through, we saw big horn sheep eating just feet from the road. As usual, we got sheep butt photos.

 Dan and Houston climbed the 'Incline' while my mom (who is visiting from Arizona) and I walked around historic Manitou Springs. The Incline is an old cog railway line that has been turned into a trail going steeply up the mountain. My knee was in no shape to climb or descend this 40% trail. 

 Mom and I stayed on fairly flat ground, enjoying the creek that runs through town.

Doin' a little window shopping.

We know we're out west.Inclin

 Really liked their mosaic sign. 

and the mix of this ornate glass chandelier juxtaposed against the industrial black ducts on the ceiling. 

There's an arcade right in the middle of town

 selling salt water taffy. I always associate salt water taffy with an oceanside town, not a land locked state.

That line going nearly straight up the mountain is the Incline.

 My mom and I got to catch up, since the last time I saw her was over 8 months ago. We were able to 'Buy Local' and support the local economy a bit. Fun stuff.

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