Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Neighbors

My neighbor and new friend, Audrey, won a flock of sheep recently. For the fast few years, Juniper Moon Farm in Virginia has 'paid it forward' and awarded a small farm with some dearly loved Cormo sheep.
I volunteered to take Audrey down in my pick-em-up truck to retrieve the wooly darlings and bring them on up to their new home in Maryland.  Susan, (on far right) is the owner of Juniper Moon Farm, raising sheep, goats, chickens, guard dogs, a llama, cow and a pig or two. 'Eat more Kale' Zac is a farm manager, woodworker and cook (among other things I'm sure).


 This is a recently built farmhouse, nicely appointed.

 The llama, being very curious as to what we were doing in his pasture.

 The goats had to come see what we up to too.
 Zac went through the steps of what to look for in a healthy sheep.

 But back up at the house, we witnessed freshly made pasta drying on the counter

 a hand made wooden farm table and pizza boards (courtesy of Zac)

a chicken guarding the files

bins and bins of buttons

and shelves of colorful fabric.

I'm a sucker for fat quarters even though I don't sew or quilt.

I just love how all the patterns come together in a kaleidoscope of color.

beautiful hand made mug/pitchers

After Susan introduced us to the sheep, it was time to load them up and drive the three hours back.
We made it without incident, unloaded the two ewes and 3 whethers into their new pasture. ..

and watched them as they tested the grass and got familiar with their new home. I don't think I've ever seen 5 sheep move as one unit so much. They are usually shoulder to shoulder, moving as a 10-legged animal.

Years ago I used to keep my sheep in this field when Jude Noyes lived in the big house. The next neighbors (Judge Noyes' granddaughter) grazed horses, but there have been no animals in the field for over a year and I sure have missed looking out my kitchen window (the window in the house in the background) and watching the peaceful chewing next door. So I am so glad my new neighbors have moved in.

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