Monday, June 11, 2012

Crazy Anti-Government Castle Guy

We left Colorado Springs to drive to Gunnison where Biking Guy will start his 460 mile ride, 
Ride the Rockies. But first, a stop at Bishop's Castle.

I've blogged about this before, but it so fantastical a place, that it deserves a second post. Mr. Bishop began his one-man quest to build a whimsical castle all with his very own hands, over 40 years ago. 

A dragon breaths fire from way up high. 

Mr. Bishop has done all the stone and wire and metal work himself. You go up at your own risk. 

This is the builder himself, ready to spew forth anti government rhetoric to all.

He had quite an audience this day as a huge group of motorcyclists were visiting.

He has painted signs throughout the entire building, blasting the government for all its wrongdoing. 

What he lacks in sanity, he makes up for in craftsmanship. The scrollwork hangs onto the rock walls, although it's a bit scary looking down.

Decorative cement crosses adorn the roofline.

Windows are placed helper skelter about.

He's even made a replica out of metal, that my mom is standing next to.

After the castle and a bland roadside lunch, we said goodbye to my brother, Dan, his girlfriend Pam and my dear mom, Darlene.

I hadn't seen my brother in 5 years (my bad!) and I don't get to see mom that often, so it was extra special that we got to spend these 5 days together. We are all going our separate ways again, and promised not to make it so long this time.

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