Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beachin' It

We joined Krista down on the Outer Banks for a few days of beach time. I had a show on Saturday, came home unpacked and repacked the car and off to the seaside we went on Sunday.

We hadn't been to Krista's beach house before and were thrilled that it was right on the beach. This is the back of the house.

 The welcoming front of the 'Beach Castle'. There were 8 people and 6 dogs. Luckily all the dogs got along great. They're all big dogs so that's a heap a lot of dog around.

Just four of the dogs, laying around after a hard day at the beach.

 Judy, Abby, Benny and Balou

 Forrest enjoying the back deck.

 Casey and Forrest out kayaking.

Casey has his own life jacket and loves wearing it. He stayed very calm in the waves, not upsetting the balance at all.


Our other 2 dogs, Trapper and Balou with Houston.

Trapper is the 'swimmingest' dog. This was Trapper's first time to the ocean and it took him about a bit of time to get used to those waves coming at him, but he figured it out and he'd be out there for 30 minutes at a time, paddling the entire time.

Casey, Forrest and Michele

The Ranger packed for the beach.

 This is the part of the Outer Banks where one has to drive on the beach to get to the houses. So there are trucks and SUV's driving back and forth (although not very often). There are also wild horses that live nearby, so trucks have to be wary of the horses. 

 This horse is near the walkway to Krista's house. A pair came right up under the deck last night and were stomping right outside the bedroom window. While on the beach, we witnessed two stallions rearing up and fighting, vying for dominance. One was chased away, running right past us which really excited the dogs.

Casey loved jumping off this dock.

We drove through the bay side where there is thick vegetation. 
(Jaimie & Michele)
Live oak trees grow in abundance and are great for climbing.
(Michele & Forrest)

and the ever colorful, Krista and Dalis

No dying of fiber, no painting of furniture, just reading, knitting, enjoying great company and awesome food. Total relaxation at the ocean's edge. Just what we needed. Good night moon!

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Abbey231 said...

Ahh, I just enjoyed the vaca all over again!