Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Finished! Lots of Furniture.

We've had some gorgeous days this summer. Perfect for finishing up a few pieces of our vast supply of furniture. This is the view from Krista's barn where we refinish the big pieces. 

The aisle way used to look like this. Cramped and hard to move around.

But Krista moved the boat out and a huge piece of farm equipment, rearranged some things and now we have a dreamy workspace any DIYer would love to have. 

I had a knee surgery the week before and couldn't wait to get back to painting so set myself up with my leg elevated (as the doctor instructed) and got to work.

This great little desk, painted a robin's egg bluish/green...$175

or this useful 7-drawer desk, perfect for an entryway for mitts, keys, whatever or of course in an office...$195

oops! one handle is upside down!

This awesome dresser is painted the same robin's egg blue although it looks more grey in the photo. 

We've changed the top knobs to be the same ceramic white as the others.

available for $325

Got this cute little dresser to Ginger & Spice already

and we took this u.g.l.y. piece....

and transformed it into a pet bed! As long as your pet is 30lbs or less.

So comfy, cozy...$125

Another robin's egg blue piece. We're on a roll!


Beautiful, elegant scalloped table...$125

I love these small children's hutches. This would make the perfect changing or in the kitchen for extra storage or maybe the bathroom for towels and bathroomy things.

We're working in the barn all this week, so more to come!

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Your furniture looks fab! Thought you might like this if you haven't seen it already: