Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mini Vacation in Cumberland

Got away for a few days up in Cumberland to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. This is the view from our porch, looking across the street. Love the big globe ball in the neighbor's yard.

We were invited to the Cumberland glider club out at the airport for a bbq/picnic. 

They're all set up for a party, with long picnic tables, a grill and a shady spot next to the hanger.

My friends dog, Ozi, sat on the runway wistfully looking for planes.

This was a day of rain/sun/rain/sun/rain/sun.

 I want these lockers... and the door!

No gliders were out that day, they were all at home in the hanger.

Some of our group went to the end of the runway where the could see the fireworks from town. I chose to stay put and drink more wine.

On Saturday a few of the girls went on to West Virginny.

This is a gas station/cafe/gun buyin'/hunt'n and fish'n type place. We were looking for the 
Bridal and Gun Shop but passed by it. (there really is a store that sells both bridal wear and guns! Shotgun wedding, anyone?)

We were actually on our way to 'Cullers Run Art Fair' where our friend, Macee, was selling her jewelry. The show was hosted by Joshua, the owner of the property and a master woodworker. Can you believe all the detailing on the porch railing?

This was once a country church but it is now Joshua's workshop. Another woodworker and an ironsmith showed their art here.

Lovely tools

and a mondo slab of wood. 

Other artwork included stained glass and a few potters. 

 This was way off the beaten track in the woods near Lost River. It's a popular area for second homes for DC residents.

We had nearly a 2 hour drive each way, meandering down back roads in this rural area. The land is very fertile here, so lots of farms abound. And it's not the close in bigger mountains of the rest of West Virginia so the valleys are a bit wider and good for growing crops and raising cattle.

Unfortunately, we saw many lone silos, the only thing left standing of the beautiful barns. 
A nice relaxing weekend of seeing friends, (hosted a party Saturday night), yardsaling (yep, more furniture), and enjoying the summertime. 

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