Friday, January 25, 2008

Felting Folly

This is how it all begins. Well, not really, because it really begins with the sheep and their wool. But this is the washed, carded and dyed roving ready to be made into fantastic felted pieces. This is an example of my 'Fiber Folly', a bag full of a variety of colored roving.

I had a small felted purse class with just 2 sisters (one from CA and one local).

Even though they started out with the same size template, the purses ended up very different sizes.

I belong to a felting study group that meet once a month at a member's studio. Sharon has the most fantastic space and creates amazing pieces. Above is a scarf and coat that complement each other nicely.

A grand display of her many nuno felted scarves.

A natural colored fleece vest.

Sharon bought this headpiece at an art show. I don't know the artist's name but her work is impeccable, I mean PERFECT! I was in awe of the beadwork.

This photo does not do this hat justice. The flower is whimsical and wonderful.

I'm working on a commissioned piece. This is the before....

...and this is the after. MUCH smaller, in fact, too small. Hafta try again. This will become a small rug in my studio.

I have another felting class tomorrow and we'll be making more felted purses. Felting a purse makes for a good workshop as I cover wet felting, dry (needle) felting, making felt balls, 'snakes' for handles, and a few kinds of embellishments. I made this purse awhile ago, but it's one of my favorites, probably because of the colors.

An example of beaded embellishments on a simple bolero.

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