Friday, January 25, 2008

Wintery Day

I absolutely LOVE the snow. It blankets the frozen ground and covers up all the bare patches of lawn and makes everything just lovely. Isn't it much quieter when it snows? I feel I need to whisper. I grew up in South Dakota so I was used to snow from October to April. I just wish it'd snow more so we would all be used to it. In the foreground above is our little Christmas tree from this year. We had to take down our wonderful blue spruce because it had been damaged too many times by wind and replaced it with this Douglas fir. Grow fast little fir!

I walked around in my jammies and Uggs taking these pics. Hopefully I wasn't being filmed for "What Not To Wear".

I got this metal hand from an artist in Oklahoma. It's about 4' tall and always blows over in the wind even though it weighs abut 40 pounds. It resembles our logo for Countryside Artisans.

This is a barn cupola that my friend, Penny, gave me from her 100 year old barn.

Nadina in the snow.

Major snow weenies.

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Bridget said...

I love snow too, and am disappointed because we haven't gotten any decent amount so far this year.

Great pictures - I especially like the expressions on the sheep faces - like it's all your fault or something ...