Friday, January 25, 2008

Knit, Knit Away

I'll be introducing my new colorway 'Sunrise' at the Sweet Sale February 10. It's a combination of fuscia, orange and purple. A customer had come to the last tour and was wearing a gorgeous gauzy scarf in these colors so I wrote them down, experimented with the orange and finally came up with the right sequence. Hope you like it. I was going to call it 'Cheer Up' but am saving that name for another colorway. I'm knitting the wrap, Justify, from I had a bit of a struggle with it, so had to start the picked up stitches again.

This shawl was supposed to be a sweater. What is now the neck part was previously the bottom of the sweater. I got about 1/2 done and decided I couldn't figure the rest out so abandoned it for something more fun to knit. (like handwarmers!) It was crumpled in my UFO basket, and I pulled it out and thought it'd make a cute shawl if turned upside down. So I picked up the stitches along two sides of the triangle, did an increase on 2 rows so ended up with about a thousand stitches (not really, just seemed like it on the bind off row) and now it's an adorable shawl I called 'Ladybelle'. I have to figure out the pattern, so look for it soon.

This is a simple diagonal knit pattern.

It can be worn with one end wrapped into a flower with a shawl pin (or knitting needle like the one shown). I'm going to kit this up and include one of my shawl pins in a coordinating color.

My friend, Mary, recently had a birthday so she got some of my Dancing Leaf Farm wrist warmers. She's modeling them along with a vintage lucite bead bracelet that Seal made for her.

I knit these with Peace Fleece with Loopy edging. the pattern is Voodoo from

And it was Piver's birthday too so she got a pair of whacky wristwarmers knit from bits and pieces of novelty yarns. Way cool! I would've added blinking lights if I could've.

The Einstein Coat for kids. This is from the Knit Stitch Book by Sally Melville that nearly everyone owns. I used my Waltz in the 'Copper Canyon' colorway with burgundy Peace Fleece as the crocheted edge accents. I need to make a fused glass button for it now.

My Emergency Sock kit has been a great seller. This is Marisol yarn, a superwash merino that is fabulous and really stretchy, perfect for socks. This is the Fruitti Tutti color. My friend, Marsha, visited Morocco awhile back and brought 5 kits with her. She was traveling with 4 of her girlfriends, all of whom knit so she gave each of them a kit. They all knit emergency socks in their down time, mesmerizing the locals with their wild knitting skills. A couple finished both socks, one finished one sock and the others promised to finish them soon. I thought this was a splendid idea and will do this the next time I travel with knitters.


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