Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year's Knitting

I've been rearranging my studio, moving furniture around, organizing, all those purging type things we do this time of year. I don't bother making resolutions, I just do the things I'd like to get done. Resolutions take up too much guilty space in my brain. So I dove in the other day and found about five UFO's (unfinished objects) tucked away in drawers that I really needed space for putting other stuff in. Either they go into the washing machine for felting to make purses, wristlets or embellishments out of, or I bring them out in the daylight and finish the damn things. So I finished this potpourri of a scarf and 2 wristlets. I have to say, I really like this combo and will probably end up selling them on Etsy.

I also knitted the 2nd wristlet and put some cool buttons on them. It took all of a half hour to complete. Why did they sit in that drawer for 2 years?!!!

The wristlets can also be worn as a cute 'necklet.'

This is that curly swirly scarf knit out of some really soft yarn I've had for awhile.

I finished these the other night, sewed them together (they're knit flat, then sewn), went to put them on on discovered I'd knit two rights. Duh! Instead of tearing one totally out, I'm going to knit two lefts. No one said I was a smart knitter, just a prolific one.

And then I got into trouble. When one puts a project away for years, the brain can go foggy as to what needles were used and of course the pattern can't be found anywhere. I had finished one sock, then got 'sock-i-tis' where it gets boring and I didn't want to start the other sock. So, in the drawer it goes to be forgotten. But as I have two feet and it's 17 freezing degrees out, I wanted to wear these socks and felt it wasn't fair for one foot to be toasty and the other one to be stuck in some Target-bought ordinary sock. So, I guessed as to what needles were used, count the CO stitches and start knitting. But, one sock turned out a bit bigger than the other one. Oh well, my feet don't care and do they ever feel warm! The yarn does match even though they do look different. That's the way with multi dyed yarn.

These mitts have been a disaster though. I really liked the first one and have tried to re-create it, but have torn it out twice now and am just going to let it go and wear the stupid one on my left hand because I do everything with my right hand so the left one can stay hidden. My left hand is basically for balance anyway. Maybe I SHOULD make a new year's resolution: Finish projects once started.

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Milly said...

Look at it this way, look how much ahead you are for FO's in '08!
I'm jealous!LOL.

Love the socks though, the colors look warm and inviting!