Monday, March 03, 2008

Cute and Ugly

Cute: Ozzie LOVES my yarn. I put the yarn for my orders on the table in my office. Sometimes Ozzie pushes the skeins to the floor and just cuddles up. He really thinks it's his yarn.

It looks as though he's protecting the yarn, but he's just yawning. growwwwwwwwwl

and Ugly: This is my third stove that I've killed. I've dyed over 500 pounds of yarn on this stove and over the last couple months I lost one burner, then two, then three, then I called it capoot. We wrestled it out of the basement and took it to the 'beauty spot', which is what our local dump is called. I treat the dump as a trade-in place; I take something to leave at the dump and I find something 'wonderful' to bring home.

Yucky and gross.

The sides were so colorful though. Good bye stove. Sorry landfill.


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