Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Calmness

Spring is my favorite time of year. Most people around here like autumn the best but spring brings new life and warmer weather and more time outdoors. It does mean more outdoor work too but I see that as rewarding and (fun)! Toiling in the garden, spreading mulch, fixing fencing, new outdoor projects, all good stuff. Folks complain about mowing the lawn but that's my down time. I'm sitting down looking at the views as I go round and round the yard and I find it relaxing.

But I'm REALLY relaxed sitting in 104 degree water. This is what I see while reclining in our hot tub. We've had the spa for 7 years now and I'm in it at least twice a day. It's wonderful for these old bones, especially after mountain biking or working in the garden.
The maple buds are bursting forth and the sky is cerulean blue and the birds are all a-twitter. The birds don't know I'm here (either that or they see me as no threat) and I love watching them flutter from branches to the birdseed I cleverly put 5 feet from the hot tub. Recently I've had a large woodpecker stop by, shooing away all the smaller birds to get to the feed. Two mourning doves (they're always in pairs, I call them love doves) come around all the time and I enjoy their interactions with each other.

But all is not quiet and peaceful and chirpy when Big Galumpus shows up. Casey and Tasman love to visit when I'm taking a soak, coming to say hi and hoping for a pet.

They visit for a bit, then start wrestling on the deck and have to be shooed away so I can relax.

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