Saturday, March 22, 2008

Get Your Easter On

Some folks dye Easter eggs, but at Dancing Leaf Farm we color our sheep. That's Picadilly in the blue, Josephine in yellow and taking backstage is Leopold wearing pink. They're checking out the spring colorway, 'Spring Has Sprung.'

Since spring keeps popping up for a day or two (then retreats to let winter give us another blast of frigid weather) I've wanted to dye some happy spring colors.

Plenty of roving to sit and spin some Easter egg colors. I've been spinning more lately, setting my spinning wheel up in the sunroom where I'm surrounded by 3 walls of windows offfering pretty field views.

A mess of color.

Here's the sheep growing the wool. I got them a new hay feeder that they love. Kip of Kiparoo Farm made it and it really saves the hay from being wasted. At $7 to $11 a bale, one can't afford to waste any. When the feeder was delivered they were curious and all came over to see what it was. Maybe it was a rubber-againster, or a play gym for the lambs to jump in and out of. But when I put the hay in, they finally got it and surrounded it and were very content munching away.

Sparkleberry turns to me and tells me "Thanks so much!" I tell her not to talk with her mouth full.

While I was taking pics of the new feeder, Bodacious, the single lamb from Dewberry, was totally intrigued with my bright orange crocs and wouldn't leave my feet alone.

I gave Josephine a kiss on her cute face. I do this a lot. One day awhile back I was visiting my friend who lived next door to a herd of goats belonging to her neighbor. One very friendly goat always came over to the fence to say hi and I walked over and gave her a big kiss on her white face. I always have bright pink lipstick on so I left a perfect lip smacker. I wonder what the farmer thought when he fed the goats that night.

I'm going to start taking photos of M&M Bakery in Cumberland. They always have a kitchy window display honoring the seasons or a holiday.

So enjoy your Easter sweets and have a great day and let's hope that spring comes to stay.

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Milly said...

Riotous color! Love it.