Monday, March 03, 2008

Mosaic Madness Day

For Christmas last year I gave my girlfriends an invitation to a day of making a mosaic piece, with a break for lunch. (yikes I had to cook!) Everyone brought a base, like a table top, a tray, a mirror. Some brought shards of glass collected from the beach, a 'dump' in Scotland or 'oops I broke this plate' pottery. We did have to hammer away on some pieces, which was way fun.

The table was laid out with supplies.

Tina brought a tray to do and some beautiful Willow ware that she accidentally broke. This is pre-grout.

When I visited Ann in California a couple years ago, she took me to a fantastic beach called Glass Beach. Until the 1970's it was a garbage dump, right on the beach. Not so eco-friendly. In those years, the sea has taken the glass and tumbled it to a smooth, frosted finish. The garbage was also tumbled to smoothness. Above is some of the weird stuff I collected and paid to have sent home. There's a heel of a shoe, lots of rusty bits, a mangled holey whatzit, a blobby thing wrapped in wire and objects of mystery. Most folks would think "What the hell?!" but I like things like this.

Marsha covered a rectangular tile with a pattern she found in a weaving book entitled, Tracks, Paws and Claws or something like that. Whatever, it's cool. The shells are the cat's tracks.

If you squint your eyes you can see the words better. It's my directional sign to the studio.
I didn't get a photo of Bev's so will have to update when I get one.

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