Saturday, May 24, 2008

Frilly Flowers

These tulips are now done showing off their fantastic blooms. The one above has been altered a bit with my photo program and I love how the color was intensified. Below is the real blossom.

This particular tulip resembles a peony, it is so large.

And this one was my favorite this year. The delicate green with the pale pink was just the perfect blend of soft colors. New colorway for yarn?

There are a few plants that do extraordinarily well on Dancing Leaf Farm and bleeding hearts is one of them. This one was just planted last year and it's now like a shrub. I love this plant with the little hearts hanging all in a row.

And luckily lilacs are another one that I can just get in the ground and they just take right off. I'm trying to get many varieties from very deep purple to the palest pink. This is my favorite spring flower. I pick huge bouquets and place them all over the house. I love the old fashioned scent, reminding me of old aunts and hankies.

Tulips just make me smile!

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