Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Casey, one of our golden retrievers, get so matted, muddy and mangy that I have him sheared every spring. Forrest wanted him to have a 'lion' haircut, with his chest fur left long and a tuft on the tail. But I told the groomer to just cut off all the hair as it gets so dirty, especially in the front. She did leave a tuft on the tail though and Casey seems to really like it. He did come home looking quite ashamed at first though. Being shaved shows how really fat he is. Time for a diet, Casey!

Tasman is gloating a bit because he does not have to be shaved and is rather proud of his smelly coat.

Casey got over it quickly and was soon out rolling in the grass, feeling pretty
good about life.


GingerPyeJackson said...

Dang dog, did they "do" you or what?

Vulture I was expecting but not this..

Milly said...

that is so cute. our golden manages to get so matted so matter how much brushing and trimming I do so she gets sheared for summer too and her time is coming!