Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tiptoe through the Tulips

I had an ah ha! moment the other day. My side lawn really needed mowing and I was feeding hay to the sheep because my back field is closed off to let the new grass seed grow. So I made a deal with the sheep. If they would stay out of the tulips, I'd let them have a grass smorsgasbord. I opened the gate and luckily stood aside or I would've been stampeded.

They were very well behaved. I had visions of them running down the road like the old days when they'd break through the electric fence. But they were so happy to have grass that they just stayed and ate and ate. I don't have gates on this part of they yard , so there were many ways to escape. Once one of them got a bit close to the neighbor's yard and I yelled, "Mocha get back here!" She looked up and ran back. I was surprised she listened. I was working in the studio this entire time and kept looking out to check on them. I just couldn't get enough pictures of sheep and tulips. They're both so cute and happy.

After about an hour of nibbling, Brambles had enough and just settled down for a little nap. Sheep and tulips.

When taking sheep pix, more often than not, you get sheep butts. But with tulips, even sheep butts are cute.

Leopold and Mocha and lotsa tulips.

My neighbor's redbud was a great backdrop to the tulips and sheep. I put the sheep back for the night, and let them back out in this area the next day. But they lasted just about 1/2 hour before some wandered over to the neighbor's yard and some down the lane. I told them they lost their privileges and back to the field with just hay.

But I found a solution. Aramin and I fenced in another part of our yard so let them eat the grass down. They were really happy with this idea and settled in for day of munching.

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Milly said...

Fabulous idea, are they for rent? I have a front yard that really needs mowing. hehehe