Monday, June 30, 2008

Cumberland Felting Retreat

Five women from my felting group headed up to Cumberland to have three blissful days of making felt fancies. Pictured above are most of our finished projects. Some made flowers, Bev nuno felted a purple scarf, I felted 5 rainbow colored rocks, Zita made a purse and...

... we had our own version of 'Project Runway' with these three naked Barbies.

We divided into 3 teams of 2 and secretly felted outfits for our anorexic , size negative 000000, pointy boobed and toed dolls. Bev and I nuno felted onto silk a flirty little Gypsy outfit, along with a bustier and headdress. Sharon and Grace created a splashy 'Dancing With the Stars' number with a coiled bra and felt wrapped 'shoes' and Zita and Francine felted an elegant, drapey gown ready to sashay down the runway.

The Barbie Triplets had a swinging good time.

This is my whacky 'hat' (this is before it was felted) that turned into a really useful garbage bin cuz it was way to big for a hat.

Bev is laying out her wool and yarn for nuno felting on silk.

Bev modeling her gorgeous scarf.

Zita's beautiful flowers.

Sharon spent one entire day indoors using her embellisher. It's similar to a sewing machine but instead of a regular needle, it has 6 felting needles.

She's making a very large rug with this design.

Needless to say we ate very well. Chocolate, wine, good coffee and one morning Francine made these wonderful crepe like 'bowls' filled with fresh fruit and sweet yogurt. She ever brought 6 small cast iron pots with her so we could each have our individual delights.

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