Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hurry! I Have To Go

We've lived in our 'starter home' since 1983. In the early years we gutted both bathrooms and the kitchen. We enlarged both bathrooms. The downstairs bath was so tight that our knees touched the tub when we used the toilet and the upstairs bathroom was so small, it could hardly be called a closet. We took it down to studs and even removed the floor in one of the rooms because the wood was so rotten. We put it all back together, doing all the work ourselves. Houston is a great plumber, electrician, carpenter and fixer upper and I love to paint and to pick out fixtures, accessories and go to the hardware store. We've been through many home improvements and we're still together (30 years!) so I guess we work well as a team. I'm addicted to home improvement shows and I hate it when the hired worker bees are doing all the work then there's the 'reveal' and the owners say "We did this and we did that," instead of "we hired this to be done". Give the workers the credit, please!

After 25 years and 3 boys, it was time to gut the upstairs bathroom again. Way back in February, we started in on it. We uncovered an historical time line. In wallpaper. Cute, precious gaggy flowers in the 90's and in the 80's who thought that little duckie wallpaper was cool?

I guess I did. I remember now that it was from my brother-in-law's bedroom and I felt so lucky to get the left overs and it was FREE!

But what made me smile was when we uncovered this scribbly drawing that Garrett did on the wall when he was 2 (he's an artist now, can you tell?!)

We put in these glass blocks so the light would come in as this room has no windows. Out with the old...

Houston had to move the plumbing over and we're now using this new tubing that shouldn't leak or shatter or give us cancer.

Hard to believe that this turned into......

this, with just 8 hours of intense smearing of stuff and a few cuss words.

But in just 3 short months (!) we have a brand new bathroom.

Can't wait to start on the downstairs bath!

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