Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mom Continued

When my mom visits I don't let her rest at all. We have to really pack it in. We went to visit Judy's cabin in the woods near Sharpsburg, W. Va. My friends, William and Cherry happened to be visiting at the same time so we all went to lunch in Shepherdstown. This was the scene right above our heads. I loved how the light formed leaf shadows dancing on the colorful umbrella.

My mom was forever cold, coming from Arizona where it had already been over 100 degrees. I loaded her up with fleece, wool sweaters and down. It was over 70 here, but you'd think it was 30 by looking at her!

Judy's log cabin in the woods which is about 130 years old I think.

This very small house is in Shepherdstown. My mom is only 5' (maybe even 4' 11") and this diminutive house seemed to be even too small for her.

After lunch we drove the backroads to Berkeley Springs. This was the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend and there were heaps of yard sales and places to stop along the way. We pulled over for this 'store'. I love old signs and apparently so does the guy who owns this place.

We've had so much rain that the fields look like English fields. This farmer was cutting hay.

We then made our way to Cumberland where Seal, Sara and Garrett joined us for the weekend. We visited our friends who have a cabin in the woods near the South Branch of the Potomac. They greeted us with margaritas and we made our way to the hammock to truly relax.

We took an after dinner stroll down to the lake and I was expecting little kids to be swimming on the beach, but instead saw this white bearded guy walking his horse near the marsh by the lake. (Santa in summer?)

Back in Cumberland, strolling on the trail....then the next day....

While Mom was here, I had another mosaic class. This was part 2 of my Christmas present to my girlfriends. It's hard to get 12 of them together at once (and probably too many at one time anyway).

Everyone was so unsure of themselves and was positive that theirs would turn out horrible. But when we finished grouting, they all held theirs up with true admiration. Maureen's mosaic is on the left. She intended to do it for her sister but found she liked it so much, she's keeping it for herself. Good thing too, because she spelled out 'MAUREEN' on it with Scrabble pieces.

Cherry's will be a birdbath because she just loves the birds and has a real bird sanctuary in her yard.

Judy did hers on a small table to go into her small cabin.

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Milly said...

That all looks like some serioius fun! Love the mosiacs!