Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mom Visits

My mom, Darlene, lives in Arizona and visits me once a year, usually around Mother's Day. We have a great time together. We didn't used to. When I was a teenager and even in my twenties, I thought she was so mean and embarrassing. But she changed! Now I like her! She really is such a sweetie. We're best of friends now and I thoroughly enjoy her visits.

We went to Seal's house for lunch and got to see her lovely gardens. It's like an arboretum and just to think 13 years ago it was a corn field. She has a magic touch and magic soil and magic water. This is the view from her back deck.

A walk around her back yard.

There's my mom looking really small through the jungle of plants.

The two beauties.

Moon garden

Walking up to her house is a treat. Not only are there blooming plants everywhere but wonderful architectural pieces delight as you pass by.

This is one huge bearded iris. I get to transplant some when they're done blooming.

And just to smell them brings back memories of my grandma's garden.

This peachy little number caught me attention too.

How sexy is that center?! Come on bees!

A day in a friend's garden is better than going to work! Duh.

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