Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clown Barf?!

How can my studio go from this......

to THIS?!!!!! in such a short time?

Some folks (not MY customers though) have described variegated colored yarn as 'Clown Barf'. Well, I don't think my yarns usually look like clown barf, but laying all over the floor like this, they sorta do resemble clown barf. But once my yarns are all nicely and neatly packed into crates and hung orderly on racks, they will look like the rainbow of colors (unicorns, kitties, puppies, cinnamon, flowers and all things happy) and people will come from miles around just to buy them. Yep, packing up for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest which takes place at the Howard County Fairgrounds this weekend. Yay! I and my clown barf yarn will be there. (outside tent, S6). Cya


LemonyRenee' said...

LOL! Clown barf? I've never heard of that one, but your pictures do make me laugh . . . that's not the way I'm used to seeing your studio. See you this weekend!

ginger said...

Well, I hate clowns and so, clown barf has got to be the most horrifying thing in the world!!!
That being so, never have I ever thought "clown" when I have been in your studio. Whether the yarn is securely in their bins, or all over the floor, the only word that comes to my mind is DELIGHTFUL!!!!

Zira said...

I am a closet fan of clown barf yarn and while some people use that word to depict horrible things...I use it affectionately when describing gloriously done, multi colored yarns. I LOVE your studio, even in its messy state! It looks like you were having a great time! :)

I even have a ravelry group dedicated to clown barf yarn!