Friday, April 16, 2010

A Peek at Studio Tour

This weekend is our Countryside Artisans' Spirng Studio Tour. I think this is the favorite tour that I do. The gardens always look their best (well, where Flopsy the chicken hasn't dug things up), and I'm always inspired to do crafts at galactic speed. As you can see from the photo above, the riverwalk pathway was completed in time. (love when that happens!)

Even the entrance was ready...

and the patio is ready for customers to bring their picnics and enjoy the views.

I've been dyeing silk scarves along with my yarns and they look so flirty blowing in the breeze (until the huge winds bring the entire chandelier down!)

A painted bamboo motif silk scarf

A peek inside Dancing Leaf Farm studio.

plenty of roving for your spinning or felting craft needs

and scads of yarn in case you need to add to your stash.

Sock yarns continue to be popular so I've got an abundant supply to keep those fingers knitting on those tiny needles.

I was busy dyeing all week

and even Casey got in on the action.

After taking a day off and viewing the cherry blossoms in DC, I came up with this colorway called "Cherry Blossom" (duh!), a pale pink with hints of white. Very cheery cherry.

I have a bit of handspun but need lots more as my goal every season is to spin last year's shearing. I have a couple large bags to spin and the girls are getting sheared next week.

I knit up this cute little summer vest out of Tabali, a cotton/viscose blend of yarn.

I'm now carrying Noni patterns. Nora Bellows is the creative force behind Noni patterns. I've recently met her and we will be collaborating on some felting kits in the future. In the meantime, she's carrying my yarns in her awesome shop at Savage Mill in Savage, Maryland and I'm carrying her adorable patterns in my shop.

Sara was out recently and I always plead with her to model for me ( Dancing Leaf Farm's First Top Model!). She's such a natural, even when it's cold and windy out.

My all time favorite and best seller, Slubby Nubby cardigan in the colorway, Carnival.

Huggin' a star. My Slubby Nubby handwarmers.

Sara modeling my Slubby Nubby Blanket with the fringe blowing back. She was happy to be wrapped in wool!

My Victorian Neck Wrap. Free pattern with purchase of this luscious linen/cotton blend yarn.

I've always liked this color combo for the 1 Square, 4 Rectangle Baby Cardigan. Spring Meadow Rhumba yarn with pink Peace Fleece for the ruffle.

For some reason I was smitten with these felt flowers. It's all I wanted to do. I cut about a hundred pieces of my hand dyed felt, then put them together in color families, some complimentary, some just the same hues (I know, I know, it's so stupid, but I couldn't wait to do all my other chores so I could get back to layering felt!). I made about 50 of them and still want to do more, go figure!

I've been teaching a lot of nuno felt classes the last few months and have finally put together some kits. I so enjoy doing these and each one comes out differently.

The kit includes one of my hand dyed silk chiffon scarves and enough fiber (hand dyed in the same colors) of wool, silk, mohair, and glitz to make your own art to wear piece.

I got downright crafty with these Scrabble necklaces. I had all the ingredients already so decided to put together these fun and whimsical necklaces.

I have my 'Jewelry with Sassitude' line of felt, glass, resin, lampwork and silver necklaces for sale in a multitude of colorways.

and plenty of glass bracelets in fun summer colors.

Hopefully you can stop on by for a visit this weekend or visit my on line store or my etsy sites fiber and yarn or jewelry & scarves. Happy spring!


Katherine said...

Looks like a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. Love that people can picnic there as well.

ginger said...

The girl you are using for the modeling is incredibly beautiful!!
I love all the color!!!