Monday, April 12, 2010

TV Time

Fox 5, a local DC tv channel contacted me last week about doing a morning episode at Dancing Leaf Farm. I said yes before I had really thought about it, then thought, "What the hell!" I don't think I've ever been on TV (except maybe a long time ago playing frisbee) so that sorta scared me. I could tell because I had those kind of bad dreams last night where you're not dressed, can't find your clothes, don't have makeup on and the crew shows up at 5:30 frickin' a.m. And then there was the crew in my driveway and I wasn't dressed, no makeup and I wasn't dreaming! Yikes! But it's dark! How can they film?! I threw something on, ran out there and told them I wasn't ready and they said, no prob, we're just setting up.

So at 7:40 I was ready (pumped with coffee and with make up on and I did find my clothes!). I called the sheep up and they behaved themselves beautifully. Luckily they weren't sheared yet so they looked splendid in all their wooliness. We talked about raising them, shearing, dyeing, spinning, knitting and a bit about our upcoming Countryside Artisans' Studio Tour and the other artists involved. Susan, my artist neighbor, brought over a few of her beautiful paintings and Holly, the reporter, interviewed Susan as well.

There is a lot of downtime (like an hour) between segment shots and Holly has found a way to get something done and to relax. Another addicted knitter has joined the ranks.

The crew enjoying a morning cuppa java and talking 'bout how pretty the countryside is. (and we're all on our just completed new patio, yeah!)

Holly was so charming and easy to talk to. I was so worried about being a dork, but I wasn't nervous at all and thought everything went hunky dory. But I'm glad it's done and I hope we get lots of new folks out for our tour. Here's a link to the shoot. There are 3 different 4-minute segments, one with the sheep, one with me spinning and carding, and one with me dying and going inside my shop.
Happy spring!


Andrea said...

Congratulations on your first non-frisbee TV shoot. As long as you feed and coffee the crew, you will always be o.k.!

LemonyRenee' said...

Darn it, Dalis, I missed it. I didn't forget, just couldn't be home to watch. Darn.

Well, I will see you this weekend and plan to treat myself to some of your handspun. ;)

willowisp2 said...

That was fab, and I love your new patio! How timely you had it finished for the film crew, too. I can't wait to drink coffee and wine and hang out there!